Medical camps for the elderly across four cities

07 Jun 2018

HYDERABAD: Portea Medical, India’s leading consumer healthcare provider, recently conducted health checkup camps for the elderly in partnership with InnoVen Capital, a firm that provides venture debt. Under the partnership, 26 health camps were organised at multiple NGOs across four cities. The camps provided lab packages and doctor consultations for 770 senior citizens in Bengaluru (380), Mumbai (150), Hyderabad (140), and Kolkata (100).

As per a recent report, about 93% of the Indian workforce is in the informal sector. This leaves them with no social security in old age, a problem that afflicts women the most, who along with SCs, STs and the poor remain the most vulnerable in the later years of life.

Issues such as income insecurity, lack of adequate access to quality health care, and isolation are more acute for the rural elderly, as per the same report. Not only are they abandoned by their families and face neglect but also suffer from various health issues due to lack of adequate and timely care. 

These health camps were thus aimed at addressing these issues and in the process, formally identifying and recording these health issues. They further focused on providing long-term intervention, rehabilitation and continuous care for the elderly. The camps were organized at Gandhi Old Age Home, Fathima Old Age Home and HelpAge India across the four cities.
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