Safety Precautions

It is our endeavor at to protect the security of user content and account information, however we cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not be able to circumvent our security measures.

We will never publish any personal information such as your Date of Birth or Contact details such as Mobile Number, Email or Home Address anywhere on our website. If you notice anywhere that any user’s personal information is published on our website, please notify us immediately on 

With the above note, we would also like to advise you to be cautious in sharing your personal information and maintain confidentiality of your personal information. If you are aware of risks and mitigating controls, online profiles / transactions are an easy way to connect with other people. To keep our users aware of the potential risks and mitigating controls, we have compiled the following tips for transacting online on our website:

General tips on using an online profile:

Always ensure your login/password is known to you only.

  • Do not disclose your password to anyone you would not give the key to your home. A password is an online key to your account.
  • Use an easy to remember, but strong password, such as a combination of alphabets, numbers and special signs (@, #, $, %, & etc.).
  • Do not use your date of birth, marriage anniversary, child’s name, spouse’ name as password; as these are easy targets of people who want to access other’s accounts.
  • If you forget your password, you can reset it on your own via our reset password option. Do not take help of strangers in resetting your password.
  • In case you feel your account is compromised, please notify us on above mentioned email or phone number so we can block your account.

Safety Tips - Connect Profiles:

With Connect, we aim to provide the elderly a safe and secure online platform, wherein, they can register and search a suitable match of their choice. Our dedicated security team periodically monitors that no irrelevant and / or inappropriate content is posted on our website. However, there are still some measures to be taken by the end users. Be cautious about your own privacy and have a safe and secure experience on our website.

Following are some do’s and don’ts that will help you protect your privacy:


Disclosure of your Identity is your individual choice. It is up to you to decide whom should you reveal your Identity, For
example, you can create a profile with your real name or nick name / alias
Keep your login details confidential, as it can be used against you if it goes in the wrong hands;
In case you receive a contact request or message that you are not sure whether you should respond or not, share it with 
a close friend to get an unbiased opinion of spotting a warning sign that you might have ignored
Avoid communicating with a person who tries to compel you to reveal personal information or tries to find ways to make you reveal it
Use our messaging function initially to communicate and only when you are comfortable share your email ID
Ask for a photo, uploading a photo on Wiser Community is free and very easy, there shouldn't be any reason of not uploading a photo
If you decide to meet one to one, choose a public place like - a restaurant, cafe, mall etc. where people are around and ensure that you have your own transportation for commuting.
If possible, take a friend or family member along while meeting for the first time
Leave your contact details - (phone number, address where you are visiting and whom you are meeting) with your family or friends. Do carry your mobile phone.
If possible, keep the location of the phone enabled
Observe any inconsistencies in statements, like - age, hobbies, marital status, job, financial security, details of family members etc. If you notice any anamoly is what was written in the profile and reality, leave the meeting at your own wish.


    When accepting a new contact request, do not reveal too much in your initial conversation, like your name, address, phone number, email ID, office address, etc.
    Don't share everything about yourself too soon, till the time you're not comfortable with the other person, Watch out for people who ask unwanted questions like sharing your banking or credit card details
    Avoid using standard email signatures mentioning your phone number, office/ residential addresses
    Avoid using your regular email id while communicating with a person whom you hardly know
    A phone call has the potential to reveal too much. Don't share your number till you know the person
    Meet only when YOU are comfortable: It is your sole decision to decide when you are ready for the one to one meeting, no one can force you to meet in person.
    Believe in your instincts, if you feel that your decision to fix one to one meeting was more of an emotional one and defies logic, you have all the right to pullback and change your mind.
    Don’t allow the prospective match to pick you up or drop you at home for the first time.
    Do not go to an isolated place in the first meeting.
    Beware of fraudsters who ask money from you or your banking details. Totally ignore them and cut off the communication. A genuine person would never ask for money or your banking details on such a platform.
    Write to  if any user has asked for money from you.
    Do not hesitate in reporting any unpleasant experience to the Police. If Police (Cyber Crime Investigation Cell) or any other statutory investigation agency approaches in tackling any fraudulent users of, we will provide all possible assistance to the said authorities.

    In case you wish to further verify the credentials of a person you would like to meet, executes thorough verification services at an extra cost. Do write to us at to know more about verification service.

    Safety Tips- Online Payments:

    • It is completely OK to make an online payment on Wiser Community. Our payment gateway partner “Pay U Money” has all the required security measures in place to secure your payment profile, however we would advise you to:
    • Keep your online banking ID / password secure and not share it with anyone;
    • Keep your credit card information secure and avoid making online payments from a public computer such as an internet café;
    • In case you see a double payment in your banking system or credit card statement, contact our care center immediately at so we can correct the error.
    • For more secure payment advice, visit your bank’s website or visit our payment gateway partner at