Frequently Asked Questions


What is Wiser Community?

Wiser Community is a global online platform for senior citizens to connect, meet and share with each other. The platform is owned and operated by Elders LifeCare Services Pvt. Ltd., a professionally managed, limited liability elderly care services company, registered under Companies Act 2013 (CIN No: U74900MH2015PTC265934) in Mumbai, India.

What is your objective?
Our aim is to enable and empower the growing number of elderly (people above the age of 50 years) in India by offering them various possibilities to find an elder friendly accommodation (retirement homes or paying guest facilities), online connections and personal meeting with other elders. With our Shared Homes concept, we are bringing a meaningful change in the lives of not only elders but also families who miss an elderly guidance and support.
How do you operate or what is your business model?

We  connect elders with other elders as well as with service providers (e.g. PG Home providers). Listing a profile or service on Wiser Community is completely free. Only when an elder or a lister wants to avail the premium services, we charge a nominal subscription fee.

Who can avail your services?

In principle, all elderly (people above the age of 50 years) living in India can avail our services. We would be glad to serve specially those who live alone, are single or whose children live with them, but due to busy work / life schedule do not have enough time to attend their parents’ needs.


What kind of services do you provide?

At present, we have three main service offerings: 1) Elder Friendly Accommodations (Retirement Homes or PG accommodation where an elderly don’t have to stay alone, he / she can either stay as a guest or a Host), 2) Online connections between elders (match-making type features), 3) Physical events and meets in different cities across India and abroad.

What are Paying Guest Accomodations or Shared Homes?

A shared home is a model of household in which a senior citizen either moves into a home owned by another family and stays there as a Paying Guest OR a senior citizen invites a youngster or another elder to stay in his home as a Paying Guest. In both cases, we serve our purpose of bringing an elder, who live alone, out of isolation and connect him / her with the rest of world (a family).

Why are you doing this or what you get out of it?

Ultimately, we get a lot of moral satisfaction by helping a senior citizen. However, to ensure professionalism in our approach we operate as a private limited company and not as a trust or charity (i.e. we are a for-profit company), hence for every Guest that we bring to the shared home or every service that is taken by an elder via us, we might charge a small fee from the Host or a nominal subscription fee (for Online or offline meets) from the elders.

Why paying guest when there are retirement homes available for seniors?

Yes, there are a number of retirement homes in India and many good quality (even luxury ones) are coming up. We also have more than 100 retirement homes as our partners, however these numbers are still not enough to cater the growing need in India, plus not everyone is willing to move to a retirement home and many good ones are not affordable by a common man. Our objective is to eradicate isolation from a common senior citizen’s life, who may not be able to afford a retirement but can pay a fraction of the costs and live with a family. We strongly believe that this will bring a meaningful change in the lives of not only a senior citizen but also families who miss an elderly guidance and support.

Sign-up / Listing

How can I list my home?
You can sign-up here, get your email id verified, send a request for the listing of your home (with pictures, details of your house, etc).
How to create my profile for contacting other elders?
Please sign-up here and follow the step by step process to create a profile.