A daughter must be born in every family

09 Jun 2018

"Daughters are more caring of their parents,” said Rakesh Jain, the philanthropist businessman who was honoured at the Global Business Award 2018 in New Delhi on Saturday.

Jain, who runs an old-age home ‘Gharaunda’, believes that a ‘beti’ should be born in every family because daughters have a genuine attachment to their parents which continues to remain even after they get married off.

Speaking to The Statesman on the sidelines of the Global Business Award, where he received the ‘Most Dynamic Person of the Year’ award, Jain said that he was inspired by his father’s dream of opening an old-age home that would take care of the elderly who are neglected by their children.

"Started in 2004, ‘Gharaunda’ now has 50-60 inmates,” the 64-year-old Jain said, adding that he himself takes care of the expenses for the all the basic facilities that are provided to the inmates.

"When children bring their parents to us, we hold a counselling session and try to convince the children to keep their elderly parents with them,” said Jain, who is the Chairman of Paras Dyes and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd, a Delhi-based company which manufactures industrial chemicals.

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