From cooking to Vedas, elderly teach kids way of life

25 Jun 2018

BHOPAL: Inmates of Apna Ghar old-age home in Kolar are a bit busy these days. Taking up the cause of imbibing traditional values and culture to the Gen-X. From sharing their expertise in day-to-day household cores like cooking to the fine philosophy in the verses of Vedas and Puranas, the senior citizens are leaving no stone unturned to pass the knowledge to youngsters and shape their personalities.

Ratnakar Phadke, 80, and Ramesh Dubey, 75, are graduates in Ved Visharad. They teach children about religion, philosophy and Vedas to help the young generation connect with their culture and values.

Phadke who is suffering from Alzheimer’s is well-versed in Ramanaya, Vishnu Puran, Mahabharat and all the four Vedas. Founder of the oldage home, Madhuri Mishra told TOI that despite suffering from the ailment, he remembers everything he learnt about religion and delivers lectures to children.

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